2015 1.67m Dark Bay Swedish Warmblood Stallion
Dressage Prospect
Ridden by Evette Rickard


Allsim Pedigree Database Registered
Sport Horse Association Registered

Sim Sporthorses International - Second Premium Foal


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Compete Show Results


SSI Foal Inspection Scored December 2015
Overall Impression

Second Premium
08/10 p.
07/10 p.
07/10 p.
08/10 p.
08/10 p.

38/50 p.


Utsiktens Man In Black has been one of Castrol's most successful Dressage competitors. A young stallion only just starting his breeding career, we are looking forward to him continuing his impressive pedigree into Castrol's next generation.

A sound mind is something that every sporthorse needs, and "Trumpet" has more than enough to go around. Just a level headed, willing and capable mount that never failed to impress. A successful competitor up to Fourth Level and dam of several successful Dressage mounts as well.

Utsiktens Man In Black

Brown 1.66m Swedish Wmbld
Diploma, **
Oceanborns Aerial Ace

Black 1.66m Hanoverian
Diploma, Elite
Don Laurie

Chest Sab 1.68m Hanoverian

Brown Hanoverian
Skörbys Valentina

vBrown 1.68m Swedish Warmblood
Diploma, AB Premium
Kourus Bork

Class I, G Premium
Skörbys Valencia

Class I
Ocnbrn's Trump Card

Black 1.63m Swedish Warmblood
Class I
Oceanborn's Brave Bird

Brown 1.69m Hanoverian
Borrax Bijoux

Chestnut 1.69m Hanoverian
Diploma, G Premium
Weringes Zahara

Swedish Warmblood
Class I, G Premium
Svartbäck's Elodie

Black 1.64m Swedish Warmblood
Class I
Utsikten's Black Christmas

Black 1.65m Swedish Warmblood
Class I, B Premium
Svartbäck's Muriel

Swedish Warmblood
Class I, B Premium