Utsiktens Expense

Utsiktens Expense


2006 1.68m Grey Swedish Warmblood Mare
Competing in 1.6m/5'3 Level Stadium Jumping
Ridden by Colene Burcham


When we originally purchased Expense, we had no idea she was going to get this big. As she has grown into her legs, we have taken her training slow to make sure that this big beauty isn't damaged by early strenuous work on her maturing joints.

After filling out and maturing, we are now ready to seriously campaign this strong competitor. Both her sire and dam were very successful in the ring, and her training has given all indications that she will do the same in her own time in the ring.

Though she is one of the largest mares here at Castrol, Expense follows in her mother's footsteps and shows a soft, gentle horse that is a pleasure to work with. From the time she arrived as a gangly growing young horse to now when she is really coming into her young prime, she has always aimed to please. She looks at you with those big dark eyes and you can't help but love her, and maybe even sneak her just one more little treat from the special bucket.

Allsim Pedigree Database Registered
Allsim Jumping Association Registered
Sport Horse Association Registered


2nd $20,000 Spring Blooms Grand Prix (155m) ...
1st Schwer**** Level Stadium Jumping (155m) ...
1st Schwer**** Level Stadium Jumping (155m) ...
TT Level 9 Jumpers II 49 - 5 - HITS On The ...
TT Level 8 Jumpers IV 46 - 49 - Upperville ...
TT Level 9 Jumpers III 49 - 5 - HITS On The...
TT Level 9 Jumpers I 49 - 5 - HITS On The H...
TT Open II Jumper I 46 - 49 - HITS On The H...
TT Level 9 Jumpers I 49 - 5 - Germantown Ch...
TT Level 8 Jumpers IV 46 - 49 - Tampa Bay C...
RCH Level 8 Jumpers III 46 - 49 - Spring Fes...
RCH Open II Jumper I 46 - 49 - Fiesta Classi...
TT Level 9 Jumpers III 49 - 5 - Fiesta Clas...
TT Level 9 Jumpers III 49 - 5 - Tampa Bay C...
1st 150 m show jumping - Sandåkers Apri...
Compete Show Results


Utsiktens Expense
Swedish Warmblood, sto
Judge: Malin [22/12-10]
SISF's Bedömningsstation
Ras- & könstyp / Race & Type
HHB (Head, Neck, Trunk)
Extremiteter / Limbs
Rörelsemekanik, skritt / Walk
Rörelsemekanik, trav / Trot

Klass I / Class I
9/10 p.
8/10 p.
8/10 p.
7/10 p.
7/10 p.

39/50 p.


Another good calm horse, Nikita has been a junior mount and still managed to compete at the upper levels in her sport, competing up to MsvA Dressage and CNC* eventing. After retiring from competition, she has been dam to no less than seven Class I foals, and continues to impress her breeders as her foals go on to be successful competitors and breeding horses themselves.

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